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Stop Me if Any of This Sounds Familiar...

  • You love drawing and art but aren't sure how to sell your designs.
  • You'd like to package your work up differently than others.
  • Paying for a college design degree is out of the question.
  • You would love to get your sketches into a professional format that makes it printable on cards, websites, paper, fabric, and more.
  • You want to contribute to the world by making it a more beautiful place with your unique design style


Your solution is Dingbat Design Academy

If you are looking for a SIMPLE way to boost your design revenue, this is it! Being able to make dingbats allows you to showcase your work in more online shops. If you are ready to take the next step in your design career, there has never been a simpler way to do it! This course is 3 lessons long including video modules and bonus lessons teaching you the fundamentals of dingbat design. It is your opening step into the world of font creation.

Here's what you can expect in this course:

How is this different from other courses?

  • First, you are receiving instruction that is very specific to a certain skill. This is huge since you will not be wasting your time with information you do not need.
  • Second, you are learning from someone who taught at a university and has a Ph.D. You are learning university-level coursework for a fraction of the cost.
  •  Finally, you are learning from someone who actually designs this stuff everyday. Troubleshooting and getting it right is as important to me as the designwork.


Meet your instructor: Carina Gardner

I have a Ph.D. in Design from the University of Minnesota. I taught college for 5 years. I have been the Creative Director of a scrapbooking company, had my own dishware lines in stores, and a collection of sewing patterns in worldwide distribution. I am a fabric designer for Riley Blake, paper designer for Silhouette, and own a baby & kid boutique with our own unique illustrations (MiniLou). 

I'm here to help you learn to be your own unique and capable designer!

Course begins immediately! As soon as you purchase the course, it will be available to you!

This course is 3 weeks long. You will receive the ENTIRE course at one time. You can take this class WHENEVER you want.

Bonus: Isn't it frustrating to not get updates on a course? I have fixed that in all my new courses. Did you know that once you have purchased this course, you will get all the updates and any bonus lessons I do as the years go on? You will see me adding new videos and bonus lessons, AND YOU WILL GET THEM FOR FREE for simply being one of my earlier members.


Adobe Illustrator (not included in class price). You can purchase a monthly subscription for Illustrator from Adobe (usually about $20). You can turn off and on the subscription by month and there is even a free trial month. So register for Illustrator for free (or turn it on for one month for $20) and take this class to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

You will also need Glyphs App. You will purchase this software one time and will be able to use it for all dingbat and font creation. This application is worth it's weight in gold! I love the ease of use! It also has a free trial period! You can check out the software here:


For a short time, when you sign up, you will receive this bonus pdf: Selling Your Dingbat Collections! Sign up soon to get this amazing free guide with instructions on selling your dingbat designs!

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Immediate Access to the course

Includes 3 weeks of video, notes, lessons, and bonus lessons

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Immediate Access to the course

Includes 3 weeks of video, notes, lessons, and bonus lessons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Totally fine! Take this course on your own timeline.

I have taught some instructor-led courses on other platforms, but this is the first time I am creating a more involved experience for members. All the videos will be hosted on my platform, and you will be able to log in to a beautiful experience. You will able to click "finished" on lessons you are done with and track your own learning! I give you videos where you can see me talking even if you following along with my work on screen. I also now update courses and you get them no matter what.

Yes. Illustrator is a monthly subscription from Adobe. You will need to purchase it when the class begins. There is a month free trial with the software. Pricing may vary so check it out on the Adobe website, but usually it is about $20 a month. You can turn and turn off the software since it is a monthly subscription.

This is meant to be a 3 week class but you can finish it sooner or slower depending on your time commitment! 

Yes you do. In this course I should you how to do everything in the Glyphs App. You will need to purchase this software to make dingbats. It has a free trial!


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